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Session Board
K-Culture Experience Jihong Jung Cultural Heritage; User & Interaction
Seungmo Hong K-Culture Time Machine: Development of Creation and Provision Technology for Time-Space-Connected Cultural Contents
Jinho Park Domestic Digital Heritage: Current State of HMD Content Production and Future Proposal
Data, Story and Cultural Heritage Juyong Park Rediscovery of Myths via Network Data Modeling of Stories
SungJu Woo Developing Culture Contents of Anapji's Symposium
Ji-Hyun Lee Cultural DNA: AI in Design & Culture Applications for Digital Heritage
Augmented Space Jaein Hwang Mobile Augmented Reality System for Museum
Sunghee Lee Application of the virtual avatars to the museum and cultural heritage
Wonsook Lee Modeling and Animation of 3D virtual world using Natural Language Descriptions
Digital Entertainment and Heritage Si Jung Kim The STEM Strip: A Live Interactive Learning Curriculum Based on The Las Vegas Strip
Juhan Nam Virtual Korean Musical Instruments: Current Status and Future Directions
Jong-il Park Computer vision technologies for high-quality digital acquisition of cultural heritage
Jaehong Ahn Current Status of Digital Heritage Research and Practices Based on Three-dimensional Data Acquisition and Visualization Technologies
Augmented Tour and Gamification Timothy Jung The Mixed Reality Smart Tourism Experience at Cultural Heritage Sites: The Case of Manchester Beacons Project
Ikjae Kim Smart Booklet: Tour Guide System with Mobile Augmented Reality
Youngyim Doh / Jungwha Kim The Guardians: The conceptual Framework of a Serious Game for Learning Cultural Heritage